When you are looking for the best and the top notch protection for your computer, you are probably looking into the best antivirus 2018 list – wondering which one is best for your needs. Everyone knows that choosing the best protection for the system can be a bit tricky. There are some antivirus programs that are super great with all the complete features but they may be costly. There are some free services where you don’t have to spend a dime but the level is security isn’t so good. That’s why you should really select your options carefully so you can make an important decision without compromising anything.


Free vs Paid Service

Should you go with the paid service or stay with the free offer? It is basically up to you but keep in mind that paid service generally offers more features and perks. Sure, you may not have to spend anything with the free software but your protection features will be limited – and you won’t enjoy a lot from the programs. What good does it make, after all? That’s why it is better to prepare a special budget for the antivirus rather than picking something that can’t give you a full protection.

Bitdefender, One of the Toughest Software

When we are talking about the list of the best antivirus 2018, there are some candidates that you can seriously consider. One of them is Bitdefender that has been improved for the 2018. Some of the greatest features include password management and solid accuracy. Sure, you may have to spend extra for the paid service – try around $40 per year – but such an amount is going to worth it. The system is dependable, solid, and trusted. It has nice web filtering block access, anti phishing alert, and good arrangement for the setup. On the down side, The Plus software may conflict with other programs and it takes resources more than it should have. But if you can buy the Total Security, you can even enjoy antispam, parental control, firewall, file encryption, and much more.



Eset and Its Expertise

Eset has been known as one of the best programs ever designed, and again, it gets into the list of the best antivirus 2018 for some good reasons. It offers device access control and nice configuration. Since it is focusing on the antivirus aspect, it may be a bit disappointment not to find vulnerability scanner, password manager, file shredder, or firewall in this package. Not to mention that it is rather costly and it is designed for advanced users, so beginners may find it difficult to arrange. If you are looking for a powerful antivirus program, and you aren’t looking for the extra features, this one will be the best option for you. Be sure that you can enjoy the best features when it comes to website filtering block, real time malware security, malicious script prevention, anti ransomware layer, and so much more.


Malwarebytes and Its Update

There are some updates happening to the 3.0 version, especially when it comes to Malwarebytes compatibility with Windows 10. The engine scanning feature is super nice with better management and overall impressive easiness. Since its stability has improved, the features are somewhat more reliable and also more dependable. Detection is made easy and simple, and you can tell that it is more responsive. Protection from ransomware and any other threats has been improved for a greater quality.


Kaspersky and Its Trustworthiness

Kaspersky is one of the oldest names in the industry, and it has survived these years for a good reason. If you are looking for the best antivirus 2018, this one should be included within your list. As one of the best security programs, it is super easy to use and it is packed with all the handy features. It focuses on the important essentials of security aspects, such as malicious action reverse and track, smart monitoring tech, antivirus engine detection, web filtering block, and so much more. The interface system is just solid as well as easy to manage. The easy feature is one of the things to like about Kaspersky because it allows you to manage your own setting without fuss.


Norton, One of the Basic

Norton has been known for its quality protection, and for 2018, it won’t be different either. It is able to detect and then block malware or any suspicious activities, even the newest malware. It has one of the best security and protection features, while giving you the freedom and the easiness in tweaking your options. Among some of the best features, such as website blocker and filtering system, and on demand scanner, Norton still offers plenty of options and easiness in managing your security system. It has somewhat layers of protective systems so in the event that a malware is still able to penetrate your system, the behavior intelligent monitor will kill and eradicate it when it starts causing problems. Pretty handy and thorough, huh?


Avast and Its Premiere Quality

If you are into Avast products, then Avast may be right up your alley. Sure, you can always choose the free version but do you know that you can enjoy more features and more thorough coverage when you have the paid service? If you don’t mind spending money for the paid service, there are some features you will like the most, such as Smart Scan, which will search for outdated software, bad reputation browser plugins, and even network threats. No wonder if this software is included as one of the best antivirus 2018.


Avira and Its Development

Not only this software is able to help you detecting virus or malware, it is also able to spot on some common problems that may cause your computer to slow down. If you are happy enough with the free service, feel free to make use the entire available feature. But if you want to take it to the higher notch, the paid service has some of the best avira features, such as boot optimizer or various system scanning abilities.


Some people may be using more than one antivirus to boost the security system. After all, having two combined programs can give you the strength you need. But you need to remember that each software is big and heavy, so having more than two will slow your computer down. Nevertheless, make the right option when it comes to the best antivirus 2018.